Acme Packet Oracle SBC Boot Camp

Building SIP Trunks & Registration

Duration Goal Key skills
5 Days Dominate Acme Packet Oracle SBC Configs Acme Packet Oracle SBC Net-Net SD, SBC, OS-C local-policy, sip-interface, realm-config, steering-pool, session-agent, ACLI, sip-port, allow-anonymous, packet-trace, sip-config

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The Acme Packet Oracle SBC OS-C Platform is enormously complex and powerful. This course shows you how to harness that power for SIP Peering/Trunking, and SIP Registration. This is a fast-paced focused class intended to arm designers and technicians with practical, tactical knowledge.

Course content

Understand how the SBC Works. How and when does the SBC forward packets? How is a route chosen? Learn how the numerous configuration elements work together to create successful SBC services.

Designing SIP Peerings. Understand the key design approaches for SIP Peering, including IP-based peering, port-number peering, registration, and domain-based routing.

Plan the SIP Peering. Choose IP addresses, port numbers, and appropriate configuration objects for effective SIP peering. Build the Configuration. Understand the Acme Packet Oracle SBC Command Line Interface (ACLI) to build and configure SIP peerings. Get hands-on experience with lab Acme Packet Oracle SBC equipment in a safe, supported environment.

Troubleshooting SIP Peering. How do you understand what’s happening when it breaks? Read logs on lab Acme Packet Oracle SBC equipment, and packet captures on production systems.

“Acme Packet” is a trademark of Acme Packet, Inc. This class is not endorsed or recommended by Acme Packet, but is based entirely on ECG's experience using Acme Packet technology.

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